5 Reasons to Love Winter Cycling

Don’t let these cold, dark days put you off! There are plenty of reasons to love winter cycling.

Cycling in the winter is worth the extra preparation and effort. During these dark, potentially depressing days, winter cycling can bring some much needed joy into your life.

Heading out on a bright frosty morning, with a quiet trail to yourself, brings many rewards:

1. Fresh, winter days

Cycling on a cool, crisp day is a delight. Low, soft winter sunlight and a dusting of frost can add a magical atmosphere to the fields. You needn’t worry about getting uncomfortably hot, and the super fresh air wakes up all your senses so you really take in your ride.
The colder weather puts a lot of people off cycling so you will reap the benefits of quiet trails, empty car parks and a more relaxing experience all round.

2. Getting closer to nature

When the days are short and the countryside is quieter, you have improved chances of a run in with the local wildlife. Many animals prefer to look for food at dawn and dusk, and chances are you will be out a good time for wildlife spotting. Be grateful we live in a country where few things will attempt to bite you or poison you! Keep your eyes peeled for foxes, rabbits and possibly the odd owl, deer or badger. It beats just saying a passing hello to the cows.

3. It’s a great excuse to go shopping!

If you love treating yourself to new bits of kit, winter cycling is a perfect excuse. Winter tyres, a versatile jacket, emergency backpack gear. It’s a great excuse to hit the shops.

4. You’ll burn extra calories

You have probably heard that people burn more calories in the cold than in warmer temperatures. Nonshivering thermogenesis, or NST, works to keep your core temperature at the right operational level.
You’ll burn off more calories if you exercise outdoors in cold weather as your body works harder to keep your core temperature steady. Don’t overdo it and wear skimpy clothing in an effort to lose more weight, all you will achieve is hypothermia and a miserable time.

5. Hot food and drink that tastes better than ever before.

The pleasure from a well deserved hot chocolate and warm meal is unparalleled! You will have earned the extra calorie boost and the satisfaction of a job well done.


“Cycling in the winter can increase your risk of an accident. Take extra care out there and  make absolutely sure you have cycle insurance.
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