Bikspoke Cover

Since spring is finally here and many of you are taking to your bikes again after a few months off, we thought we’d take the opportunity to remind you what Bikspoke Cover is all about.

Bikspoke is a specialist insurance bicycle scheme that gives you the power to decide which cover you want, no matter what the discipline of cycling. The ‘Core Cover’ comes with every package, and you can also then add ‘Additional Cover Options’ as required.

Our Core Cover includes:


Bikspoke provides cover for accidental damage to your bicycle up to the sum insured.  If your cycle is damaged it will be assessed at a cycle retailer and repaired to the standard it was before the accident by a repairer of your choice or one that we recommend.  Bikspoke will get you back on your cycle as soon as possible with the least amount of inconvenience.


It is important that your bike is protected from Theft.  Bikspoke will cover your cycle if it is stolen from the home where it is insured up to the sum insured.  Your cycle will also be covered when away from home provided you have ensured it is locked to an immovable object. We replace, or pay the cost of replacing the cycle and may use specialist suppliers, or could even contact one of your choice.

Cycling accessories can be expensive.  Bikspoke provide £250 of insurance cover as standard on your policy.  Your accessories are protected from accidental damage or theft.  In the event that these are damaged whilst using your cycle or stolen then we will replace or pay for the cost of the article of like kind, functionality and quality.


Cycling is often a family activity, that’s why we offer cover for all members of your family who are over the age of 16 years and permanently reside at your address.


Unfortunately, road rage does happen. If you received a body injury whilst you are riding or using your cycle, we provide a hospital daily cash benefit of £100 per day, emergency dental treatment up to £250, counselling and loss of personal effects up to £250.


Bikspoke will pay up to £750 in any one period for a replacement cycle hire when you have an approved claim for repair or replacement.  Once this is approved you may hire from a reputable cycle dealer whilst you wait for settlement of your claim or completion of the repair.


If you are more than a mile away from home and are unable to complete the cycle portion of your journey as a result of an accident or irreparable breakdown then we can help you out! Bikspoke will pay for you and your cycle to be transported to either a suitable repairer, railway station, car rental agency, overnight accommodation or your home address if closer.


Last but not least, Bikspoke Legal provide you with free legal advice for any incident involving your bike.

Additional Cover Options

As well as our Core Cover, you can upgrade your policy to include a range of Additional Cover Options.

These can include: Accessories up to £1000, EU / WW cover, public liability, personal accident and participation in competitions.

Whatever you need from your cycling insurance, Bikspoke can cover you. Contact us today on 01606 814477 for a competitive quote!