Dressing for Spring Cycling

Spring is a tricky time of year to dress for when heading out cycling. In summer you can get away with light, breathable shorts and t-shirts. In winter, it’s about warm, waterproof clothing that will see you though. But how do you go about dressing for spring cycling?

Start with Layers

At this tricky time of year it’s best to start with layering.

Rides that start early in the morning can often see temperature changes of more than 10 degrees, meaning you go from cold and stiff to sweltering in no time. This being Britain you also need to be ready for a shower at any time, even if it’s blue skies all the way when you set off.

So how on earth can you prepare for all these changes in conditions and properly dress for spring  weather?

Dress for Comfort

Comfort is your biggest priority. You need to pick up light, breathable items, starting with a good pair of cycling shorts with a decent pad.

Quick drying materials are essential, and it makes sense to layer up a decent long sleeved base layer with a lighter summer jersey, and leave the thicker outer layers at home.

Arm and knee warmers can be added to keep you wrapped up during the chilly first part of the ride. When it does warm up enough to allow removal, they can be easily folded up and stashed into a pocket. Knee warmers are especially helpful, as knee’s dont’ like being cold and you will help ward off injury by keeping them warm.

You might be happy enough with just your lighter weight long sleeve jersey or maybe you’d prefer a lightweight jacket, not that there’s much difference in them these days, with the modern fabrics and technology employed.

Don’t Forget the Extras

Oversocks, or or waterproof cycling socks that keep our the draughts should be sufficient for snug toes. You might just get away with fingerless mitts, but light weight gloves are ideal.
And remember, you’re never fully dressed without a smile, so have fun!

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