Is Cycling the Most Loved British Sport?

It’s February,  the month of love and romance.  Spring might not yet be in the air, but Valentine’s Day, Pancake Day and the short month are putting a spring in people’s steps.  As thoughts turn to getting out and getting active, is it cycling they are heading out to participate in?

Is cycling the most loved British sport, or could there really be more people interested in something else, something like…bowls?!!

Here at Bikspoke, we find that a little hard to believe so we checked the Sport England data on sports participation to see who really gets the sport Valentine. Which sport really is the fairest of them all?

The Sport England Annual Report 2016-2017 presented the most played sports, based on once a week participation, and found the top 10 to be (drumroll please):

  1. 1. Swimming
    2. Athletics
    3. Cycling
    4. Football
    5. Golf
    6. Exercise, dance and movement
    7. Badminton
    8. Tennis
    9. Equestrian
    10. Bowls


Mirror, mirror on the wall, is swimming really the fairest of them all?!

Cycling came in 3rd place, which is a fairly healthy position to be in, but being the competitive types that we are, we think it could be improved. The big news was that we beat football, pushing it into 4th place. An impressive achievement.

Bowls did actually make the top ten, coming in at the bottom of the table. It’s popularity has grown by 14% over the previous year, driven by an increase in new, younger players.

Cycling has actually seen a slight drop in popularity over the previous year, with 4% less regular participants. All the more reason for you to get back on your bike and embrace the great sport that it is, and be sure to tell all your friends about it when you next head off on a biking adventure.

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