Securing Your Bike 

We often get asked the question ‘How can I be sure I’m securing my bike in a way that is compliant with my insurance policy?’

To help you take the best possible care of your bike at home and when out on adventures, here is the advice given to Bikspoke policy holders to ensure they are compliant with their policy.  It will also help you to minimise the risk of your treasured possession going AWOL. 

Securing your bike when out and about 


Can I leave my bike in the car? Most insurers will happily provide cover against theft whilst the bike is in or on a vehicle. The important thing is the is stored out of sight inside the vehicle, or is secured through the frame by an approved lock to the vehicle roof or bicycle rack. Any security devices installed in the vehicle are to be in operation and all doors, windows and other openings of the vehicle are to be left closed and locked.

How long can I leave my bike unattended? As long as you have secured your bike to an immovable object with an approved lock you are covered for up to 24 consecutive unattended hours. Check your policy for the list of approved locks and devices.

I use my bike to travel to work and it is not always left indoors? It’s not feasible to always keep your bike indoors which is why you are covered to leave your bicycle at work, university, hospital, or a shop as long as it is locked to an immovable object. In general, the bike cannot be left locked up unattended for more than 12 hours at any one time, or for more than 24 hours at any one time whilst it is locked up at your work or a train station.

Securing your bike when you are at home: 


Can I store my bike outside overnight if locked to an immovable object? At your primary residence, you can keep your bike stored in a wooden shed in your garden as long as the shed door is locked with a 5 lever mortice deadlock and/or padlock, or the bike is secured to the frame to an immovable object. If you take you bike away with you on holiday, the bike can be left outside overnight as long as you are able to secure it through the frame to an immovable object with an approved lock.

If you live in a house, a self-contained flat, or a self-contained lockable room in private halls, you will be covered against theft provided you keep your bike inside your house, flat or room. Available security devices must be in operation and  forced or violent entry or exit should be reported to the police for a crime number.

If you keep your bike inside a privately accessed garage, outbuilding or shed within the boundaries of the private house in which you reside, you would be covered against theft provided that access to the bike is effected by forcible and violent entry or exit. In addition, all external doors must be secured by a minimum of a 5 lever mortice deadlock to BS3621 standard or a 5 lever padlock,

If you keep your bike in a communal hallway within the building in which you reside, you would only be covered against theft provided the bike is secured through the frame by an approved lock to an immovable object. Again, you must report the incident to the police and have a crime reference number.

Securing your bike when travelling 

Am I covered when I travel by Train, Plane or Boat? You are covered on a train, provided that your bike is clearly labelled and stored in a designated cycle storage carriage, or in custody and control of the rail staff. On a plane or boat, as long as your bike is adequately packed in cycle specific luggage, or in custody and control of the airport or seaport staff, you’re covered.

Am I covered to travel abroad? If you have taken out European cover or worldwide cover extension then you are covered up to a maximum of 90 consecutive days with Bikspoke. 

My lock isn’t on the approved lock list? Our approved lock list has been created to make sure your bike is secured safely against cycling theft. In order for your bike to be covered and for any claims to be successful you must make sure that the lock that you are using meets the policy requirements of your insurer. If you aren’t sure – check it out today before it’s too late!!


If you don’t have insurance suitable for travel abroad, or at home, give us a call on 01606 814477 and our friendly team will talk you through your options!