Top Cycling Tips to Get 2018 Off to a Flying Start

Get 2018 off to a flying start with these cycling tips.


1. Invest in the Right Gear

Now is the time to treat yourself to something in the sales that you will actually use!
Bike helmets, cycling shorts, basic tools and cycling sunglasses are all worth picking up at discount. It helps to get the best quality you can afford to improve your experience out on the road.

2. Give your bike a New Year make over.

Our next cycling tip is to make the most of the new years resolve to get organised. January is a great month to take time to check over your bike and ensure its set up correctly. Everyone is different with respect to leg, arm and torso length. Visiting a specialist bike shop, where you can have your saddle, stem and handlebar positions adjusted so that the bike is effectively tailored to your body, is an extremely worthwhile exercise. A thorough bike-fit session can aid your performance ensuring maximum efficiency.

3. Set a New Year’s resolution of a weekly long ride

Long rides will build your endurance and also make you more efficient at utilising fuel. ‘Long’ means anything longer than your typical daily ride, so anything from one hour upwards is recommended, depending on your fitness and goals. A long ride is also a great opportunity to explore new areas and visit new destinations, so it’s a fantastic resolution to set.

4. Build up your strength

Doing regular weight sessions off the bike can really help to build up your strength and boost your performance. Focus on arm, leg and back exercises for the greatest impact.

5. Don’t forget flexibility

The majority of cycling injuries occur when your posture is incorrect and you put strain on your body. Staying flexible as well as strong can drastically reduce your injury risk. Pay particular attention to your back, chest and hamstrings. The rounded shoulder position can lead to chest tightness and store up problems. Make time for stretching after every cycle, and ideally practice yoga or other flexibility boosting activities each week.

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