What We Cover

Bikspoke is a specialist insurance bicycle scheme that gives you the power to decide which cover you want, no matter what the discipline of cycling. The ‘Core Cover’ information below explains what is covered as standard. You can also then add ‘Additional Cover Options’ as you proceed through the quotation. For detailed information on all aspects of cover, please refer to our ‘Policy Cover’ document.


As standard, Bispoke cover a comprehensive range of items under Core Cover. These include;

  • Accidental

    Bikspoke provides cover for accidental damage to your bicycle up to the sum insured.  If your cycle is damaged it will be assessed at a cycle retailer and repaired to the standard it was before the accident by a repairer of your choice or one that we recommend.  Bikspoke will get you back on your cycle as soon as possible with the least amount of inconvenience.

  • Theft

    It is important that your bike is protected from Theft.  Bikspoke will cover your cycle if it is stolen from the home where it is insured up to the sum insured.  Your cycle will also be covered when away from home provided you have ensured it is locked to an immovable object as outlined in the policy wording.  Bikspoke will ensure that we replace, or pay the cost of replacing the cycle.  We may use specialist suppliers or could even contact one of your choice.

  • Accessories up
    to £250

    Cycling accessories can be expensive.  Bikspoke provide £250 of insurance cover as standard on your policy.  Your accessories are protected from accidental damage or theft.  In the event that these are damaged whilst using your cycle or stolen then we will replace or pay for the cost of the article of like kind, functionality and quality.  We may use specialist suppliers or could even contact one of your choice.

  • Family

    Bikspoke recognise that cycling can certainly be a family activity that’s why we offer as standard cover for all members of your family who are over the age of 16 years and permanently reside at your address.

  • Road

    Bikspoke recognise that road rage does happen so as standard this is included in our core cover.  This covers you if bodily injury occurs whilst you are riding or using your cycle.  The cover provides for hospital daily cash benefit of £100 per day, emergency dental treatment up to £250, counselling and loss of personal effects up to £250.

  • Cycle

    Bikspoke will pay up to £750 in any one period for a replacement cycle hire when you have an approved claim for repair or replacement.  Once this is approved you may hire from a reputable cycle dealer whilst you wait for settlement of your claim or completion of the repair.

  • Assistance

    If you are more than a mile away from home and are unable to complete the cycle portion of your journey as a result of an accident or irreparable breakdown then you are covered in our core cover.  Bikspoke will pay for you and your cycle to be transported to either a suitable repairer, railway station, car rental agency, overnight accommodation or your home address if closer.

  • Legal Helpline

    Bikspoke Legal provide you with free legal advice for any incident involving your bike.



As well as our Core Cover, you can upgrade your policy to include a range of Additional Cover Options as you proceed through the quotation. These will be subject to additional charges and can include;

  • Accessories up
    to £1000

    Cycling accessories can be expensive which is why we allow you to take additional cover up to £1000 so that you get the exact cover that you need.    Bikspoke already provide £250 of insurance cover as standard on your policy but your accessories may have cost £650.  Taking the extra cover will ensure you can protect all your items from accidental damage or theft in the event that these are damaged whilst using your cycle or they are stolen whilst using your cycle.

  • EU / WW

    Bikspoke allows you to extend your core cover to cover you whilst you are either in Europe or for Worldwide cover up to a limit of 30 days in any one trip and subject to a maximum of 90 days in any one period of insurance.

  • Public

    Adding optional extra cover to your policy gives you added peace of mind.  Bikspoke allows you to take out optional cover on your policy from £1 – £5 million.  We will in respect of the amount shown in your schedule cover you and any member of your family should you become liable to pay accidental bodily injury, death, disease, or accidental damage to any person or accidental damage to a third party (ie someone else) which arises from use of or ownership of a cycle.  Bikspoke will provide you with a 30 minute free legal consultation for fault or non fault claims when you really need some advice.

  • Competition

    Bikspoke know how important your competitions are to you.  So in the event that you are unable to compete we will reimburse you your non-refundable competition fees.  This could be in respect of an organised competitive cycling, biathlon, triathlon event that you were due to participate in but cannot as a direct result of a cause which is beyond your control.

  • Legal

    Bikspoke can offer additional added cover to give you security in the event that you wish to make a civil claim following an accident.  Bikspoke claims can help answer your questions and take your claim forward.

  • Extended New
    For old cover

    Our core cover provides for a comparable replacement for the lost or damaged Cycle and Accessories providing the article was new at the time of purchase and no more than 3 years old, our extended new for old will extend the age to 5 years old.

  • Personal

    Bikspoke allows you the flexibility to increase the level of core cover by taking the option to add Personal Accident to your policy.  Adding additional cover can give extra security should something happen whilst you are on your cycle.  We will pay amounts of up to £12,500 for loss of a limb and up to £25,000 for total disablement and/or Death.